How do you connect with your audience? You go through proper channels. We’ll help you identify the right ones, and we’ll make sure they speak to your customers.


We’ll manage your digital channels, create content and monitor online performance. We listen, monitor, measure and improve.
Why we're called Zulu
Absoluut Zulu is a spin-off in the Absoluut agency ecosystem, that is 100% focused on social media. Content strategy, social currency, monitoring, social brand building, social media engagement, etc. Terms you’re undoubtedly familiar with. Absoluut Zulu can help you with all of them. And manage them for you. At your offices if you want.

We speak click language

What is Absoluut Zulu all about?
  • A-Z of social media. Zulu = Z in the phonetic alphabet. Think Alfa Papa Tango.
  • Zulu is a rich click language. “Click” as in the sound, which we don’t have in our language. Although we might only hear one, there are about 15 different clicks in their language. With different meanings. That’s saying something.

Clicks that matter

The more the better. That’s the current attitude towards social media. We’ve all become somewhat click-obese. Succes is measured in 99% of the cases by quantifiable criteria. The more clicks, likes, views, shares, tweets, retweets, … the better. Hence the regrettable success of click farms. However, not every click is created equal. That about sums up our philosophy. We want clicks that matter. That make a difference. Quality clicks.

“The third wave of social”

Absoluut Zulu’s philosophy, in a nicely structured outline. We’d be happy to explain it further when we meet, because we could write a book about all this (working on it!).

First Second Third
Focus Technology Business Communication
Approach Separate Silo Integrated
Timing Dawn Short term Long term
Succes = ... Peer likes Mass clicks & likes Behaviour
Goal Invention Opinion Selection
Key word NEW YOU US
Customer is... Dinosaur Ignorant Participant
Attitude Preaching Promoting Providing & teaching
Creative starting point Code Platform Concept

To sum up

  • Integrate all social media in your company structure. It’s not stand-alone.
  • Social reputation management and branding: analyse, monitor, advise, execute.
  • Content strategy and planning: what to post, where, when, and how to respond, …
  • Conversation management: manage accounts on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, sites, Instagram, Pinterest, …
  • Engagement: create social media campaigns, opvolgen, beheren, implementeren, evalueren.
  • Growth hacking: mix creativity, metrics, technology and speed aimed at growth.
  • Outsource conversation managers.
  • Develop, implement, maintain all software tools for online and social media: apps, CRM, data, ...


Who we are

Thomas Klein

Chief Zulu

Chivas Regal

Absoluut Zulu manages the Absolut Belgium Facebook page. We create content, monitor online activity, and are responsible for conversation management.
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Pernod Ricard Belgium was looking for a digital agency to manage their Chivas Regal online channels. Absoluut Zulu manages their Facebook page: drawing up content calendars, community management, providing online support for events. 

Our Solution
As always, we analysed online content and traffic, and created a targeted strategy for content management and community building.


Absolut Vodka

Absoluut Zulu manages the Absolut Belgium Facebook page. We create content, monitor online activity, and are responsible for conversation management. Zulu also does the online media buying and social marketing.
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Pernod Ricard Belgium wanted to make its vodka brand Absolut more relevant to consumers in Belgium. They also wanted to shift their advertising focus completely to digital. Absoluut Zulu provided a digital strategy and took over management of the Belgian Facebook page. 

Our solution

In order to reach the target audience, creative millennials, and realign the brand with its artistic heritage, we set up a posting and advertising strategy based on targeted content. Absoluut Zulu is responsible for the content creation, community and conversation management and online advertising. 


Beefeater Gin

Absoluut Zulu created and produced a video shoot / street activation for Beefeater Gin. The video “London Calling” is the online marketing tool for the brand’s unique image. Absoluut Zulu is responsible for the online marketing of Beefeater using this video.
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Gin brand Beefeater wanted to showcase their unique character as the only gin fully produced and distilled in London. 

Our solution
What if an ordinary London phone booth became the secret entrance to an exclusive underground party? We brought the best of London to an ordinary Belgian town and set up a surprise for passers-by, giving them the opportunity to taste both Beefeater Gin and it’s iconic London heritage. 
In creating a video of the reactions of the people taking part in our ‘London Calling’ event, we created engaging content that could be posted and spread online. Through various online channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) and with the help of online influencers, the video will be shown to the consumer. The perfect showcase for the perfect London Dry Gin.

The only gay in football

Gelijke Kansen in Vlaanderen and minister Pascal Smet wanted to address the fact that there are no gay professional football players in Belgium. Do you know how many gay professional football players there are in the world? One. That’s right. One. So we decided to bring him to Belgium.
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If about 8% of the world’s population is gay, and there are approximately 580 professional players in Belgium, no gay professional footballers is somewhat unrealistic. We created a Facebook page and campaign to get people talking about the issue. 

To make homosexuality a topic that can be openly debated in professional sports, starting with professional football, Gelijke Kansen in Vlaanderen laid out an action plan for clubs and everyone involved in the sport. Our mission was to make this plan known to the general public and get people talking. 

Our solution/Approach
To draw attention to the issue, we set up a Facebook page called ‘The only gay in football”. This refers to Robby Rogers, the only professional football player ever to publicly out himself as gay. The page was intended to give fans and the general public a platform for voicing their opinion, and hopefully support athletes that wanted to out themselves. 

To give the campaign national and international attention, we had Robby record a video message about his coming out and the campaign. We flew him over for the kick-off of KAA Gent – Anderlecht, one of the biggest games of the year. 20.000 people saw his video message in the KAA Gent stadium. We followed him with a video crew and in Brussels we got people to voice their opinion about the issue. This content was all posted online. 

We also used the largest billboard in Belgium ever for our campaign: the LED on the outside of the KAA Gent stadium displayed the rainbow flag for a once in a lifetime event. 

Traditional media picked up on “The only gay is football” and we got articles in the papers: Het Laatste Nieuws, De Morgen, De Standaard, het Nieuwsblad en La Dernière Heure. Interviews on Radio 1 en 2, op MNM and in television show ’Reyers Laat’ gave the campaign national attention. 

The high number of organic views on our Facebook page shows that people interacted with the campaign’s message. Robbie’s video message got 5.050 organic views. The page was transferred to Gelijke Kansen in Vlaanderen after the campaign and is now used in support of the action plan. 


De 12de man

For the department ‘Zorg’ of the Flemish government we created and managed an online campaign to promote healthy living. This included community building, conversation management and online media buying. 
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Twitter, Facebook, Mailing, SEO

Get people to live healthier lives. That’s the goal of the ‘Departement Zorg’ of the Flemish government.

Our solution (Approach)

Combine the power of online with television. And the Red Devils. We created a Facebook page called ‘Twaalfde man in vorm’. The message was that if you wanted to be a good supporter for the Red Devils during the world cup, you had to be fit yourself. We created 5 videos to illustrate that point, a little tongue-in-cheek. We used Facebook, Youtube and Spotify to get the message across. 


After two months we ended up with an audience of over 4.000 Facebook fans. During the world cup, we posted every day, mixing fan posts with health posts. The intention was to educate the public on simple everyday health tweaks. 
In total we got 9.679.652 impressions, 55.809 clicks and a CTR of 0,58%.  Facebook posts had 3.738.734 impressions and 31.024 clicks, and a CTR of 0,830%. Youtube posts had 780.127 

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